Clean Cart Kings

We help store owners keep their customers protected from germs, starting with their shopping carts.

Cart sanitation doesn't have to be a full time job!

Why choose us ?

When you hire Cart Kings, you get a full service solution to solve the above challenges.

Low Maintenance

We provide a monthly sanitation service that lowers your monthly maintenance cost on average of 50% for your shopping carts, baskets, and bins.

EPA Registered Chemicals

We utilize a self-contained unit which recycles water to keep our EPA registered chemicals from flowing into the drains and into our streams, lakes, and oceans.

Quick Support

Allows your employees to do what they were hired to do, which is fill online pickup orders and provide assistance to your in-store shoppers.

30+ Day Guarantee

We provide a 30+ day guarantee on the sanitation of the carts along with education and awareness around the health risks of a dirty cart.

Here's how we work together

Here's how we can work together

Schedule an intro call or a cleaning for your carts via the "Schedule Your Cleaning Today" button below or call a Clean King Expert.

We come to your location to test the current sanitation levels, wash and protect your carts, and re-test your sanitation levels.

Educate your customers by putting QR codes or documentation at your store, so they know how clean your carts are and when they were last cleaned.


Henry Smith

Cart Kings comes in every month, on time, and without needing direction from me, the store manager. They are very easy to work with and the customers love knowing their shopping cart is clean when they touch the handle.

Randy Stevens

The branded QR codes on our shopping cart corral was a really nice touch

    Our Packages

    We have different packages available.

    One Time

    1 time clean and sanitize


    Monthly Sanitize Contract

    Monthly Extended

    Sanitize with reporting

    Sanitize with capabilities

    Marketing materials for customers

    Reduce the risk of communal germ, bacteria, and virus spread. Do your part to keep your customers and community healthy. Clean, sanitize, and protect your carts, baskets, wheel chairs, meat trays, and more to stop harmful germs dead in their tracks with cutting edge mobile cleaning and recycling equipment. 
     * An EPA approved COVID19 Sanitizer Is Available  

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